1. What it means – To volunteer for No Duff is to make a commitment to supporting and assisting the NZ Veterans community achieve a higher standard in welfare provision, particularly individuals in crisis situations.

For Veterans volunteering this is no more than an extension of the comradeship you were a part of while serving in uniform. You have your mates back, as they have yours.

For those with a solely civilian background this is an opportunity to support those who served you by committing themselves to protect and maintain your freedoms and rights.

2. Volunteer info – To volunteer for No Duff simply click the volunteer button and fill out the simple questionnaire. Please fill out the application fully and honestly. After a vetting process you’ll be contacted and informed whether you’re application has been accepted. 

3. Expectations - As a No Duff volunteer you can expect to be contacted by the No Duff HQ at any time day or night to support a No Duff task. What each individual would be asked to contribute to the task would depend on their background, support they offer in their application and availability/willingness to react.

Specific details around techniques and procedures employed within No Duff will be communicated upon acceptance of volunteer’s applications.


Want to help us help others?

If you're serving or ex-service, click on this link and complete and submit the info form.

If you're a civilian who is keen to help us, click on this link and complete and submit this form.

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